Welcome to Vinçotte Algeria!

General Policy :


Aware of the rapid development of the Algerian industrial market, Vinçotte International Algeria, a member of the Vinçotte Group, wants to increase its performance in the areas of Expertise / Inspection, training and management systems certifications all the while remaining focused on satisfying customers, and preserving the health and safety of people and facilities.

Our strategy and objectives have been defined taking into account :

· The strategy and objectives of VINÇOTTE group.
· The p
otential and market evolution that we want to target.
· The existing resources within the various entities.
· The risks
(or opportunities) arising from existing and predictable legal requirements.
The customers requirements.

The goal is to determine at the level of the VINÇOTTE group and within our organization, the strategy to develop for the benefit of our various entities. This strategy is then translated into global and specific objectives related to business development activities, financial aspects, quality, safety and environmental protection.

Each year, our different product lines are subject to an evaluation, and the objectives are prepared and / or reviewed during the periodic management review.

We are committed to maintain an improve our management system in accordance with the standards ISO / CEI 17020 and ISO / CEI 17025 to put into place an action plan for the transition ISO / CEI 17021 from the 2011 to the 2015 version.


These three (03) documented and developed management systems ensure us a high performance, covering the following key factors :


Innovation and diversification of our activities including the development of training, inspection and guided transport and lifts as well as customers accompaniments for an ISO / 17025 accredited CEI.


Quality assurance services in accordance with the standards ISO / CEI 17020, ISO / CEI 17021 and ISO / 17025 CEi possibly supplemented by local or sectoral regulations.


Collegiality between our organization and other entities within the VINÇOTTE Group results of each financial management (turnover, profitability, growth).


To achieve these goals, I am committed to make all resources required available.


Done, 02/09/2016



Christian RIGAUT