Political Impartiality

The company Vinçotte Int. Algeria is a third party organization whose mission is:

- Carry out compliance audits of management system, products, process and services, well knowing that Certification decisions we make can lead to consequences for our clients,

- To inspect any facility, equipment or other industrial and pass an inspection report may result in consequences for our clients,

- To realize calibrations of Mesurement survey of equipments

Moreover, financial, commercial or technical external pressures could take place.

Vinçotte International Algeria recognizes the importance of impartiality when carrying out its management systems certification and inspections  activities. We ensure the proper management of conflicts of interest and the objectivity of our activities mentioned above.

Vinçotte Int. Algeria has established a set of rules to operate with complete impartiality, independence and transparency:

  • We manage a process aimed at countinusely identifing, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and documenting ant ridk arising from our certification activities, including those arising from our own relations.
  • The commitee for the saveguarding of impartiality (CPPI), which has existed since 2009 and which operates to date, is invited each year to take part in a review of the certification process, in spite of the fact that maintaining of this commitee is no longer required according to the new version of ISO/IEC 17021-1 v 2015. We plan at the next meeting to encourage the CPPI to broaden the review of the certification process for products, processes and services according to ISO/IEC 17065 version 2012.
  • All staff Vinçotte Int. Algeria and all free lances are subject to a code of ethics,

  • Certification decisions are always based on documented reports. The decision to grant or not a certificate is in the hands of a neutral and independent certification commission.

  • Inspection reports are prepared in accordance with the findings of our inspectors.

  • Calibration reports are prapared in accordance with the findings of our metrologists.
  • Vinçotte Int. Algeria spa does not provide any consulting services pertaining to the setting up of a management systems, products, process and services certification.

  • Vinçotte International Algeria spaconplies xith the requirements od IECEISO 17065 V 2012 in chapter 4.2 Management of Impartiality.

Any complaints regarding a Risk of Impartiality may be filed by mail to: vialgerie@vincotte.dz

update: 16th of July 2018


General Manager.